Make your own cox amplifier kit

Attention clubs and schools: Apply for a discount off recommended retail prices. Email philippawlowski at hotmail dot com for more info.

The idea of a DIY cox amplifier first came to me when I looked into the features and prices of commercial units. Firstly, there was little in the way of a simple amplifier and rating combo. You simply could not get a device that had just these two features, for a decent price. Secondly, as my local club, and many of their surrounding clubs used commonly available electronic components to build their own home made rowing amplifiers, I figured that there was some room to improve the designs we were using. I designed a rowing amplifier for our club that addressed some problems that were apparent with some home built units. My rowing amp was fully sealed, with no protruding dials, switches or potentiometers. After some interest in my design, I decided to order a few printed circuit boards, and sell it in kit form to other clubs. This is how OSCA was born. Shortly after, I decided to offer three versions of OSCA. All now available in kit form. 

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Coxing amplifier kits available:

1. The first being a robust amplifier circuit kit, that would do away with potentiometers and rheostats for volume control. It would use a digital volume control chip. This would eliminate the most common point for water ingress, the volume knob. It would use a submersible case, and the same connectors as the brand name NK(TM) connectors, so that it would work well with the existing setup of most boats.  This became known as the TA 2000 model. 

2. The second, being a fully featured kit version, with speed, rating, distance per stroke, a metronome function, and much much more. This became known as the HD 2000 model.

3. And the third, being much the same as what I was originally after. Just a simple robust, low cost, completely submersible amplifier kit with rating output. No frills, but sturdy reliability, capable of taking the abuse of beginner and intermediate crews. This became known as the MD 2000 model.

The above kits are available through the "Products" link to your left. All instructions are available for download before you buy.

This product comparison guide will show you which features and components are included in each kit.

So why not build your own rowing amplifier.  All three models are rugged, designed for maximum strength, suitable for schools and universities, and, with high capacity batteries, able to be used every day without needing frequent charging. All are designed to be easy enough to build by the average technically minded club member, and all designs offer foolproof features such as low power shutoff and battery warnings, etc.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Email philippawlowski at hotmail dot com.