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"Scoreboards For Schools, 2013"


What is Scoreboards for Schools?

Scoreboards for Schools is a great way to pick up a great quality, top of the line, electronic indoor Basketball Scoreboard for your School at a heavily discounted price.

In a nutshell, we take orders from as many schools as possible, and then place a large order with manufacturers in China. This decreases costs associated with holding stock, and makes the electronic scoreboards very affordable. We don't ask for a deposit, or any money until after your scoreboard is delivered. We just ask that you send in the order form to confirm your school's involvement! It's as simple as that. The cost of one basketball scoreboard is $2990 plus $80 shipping. All Australian schools receive an instant 30 day account.


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We are currently taking orders for delivery in term 4, 2013.

Orders must be in by Friday the 20th of September, 2013 to guarantee prompt delivery.


Here is an example of a completed scoreboard at Taroona High School, Tasmania.

The board above was completed with coordination by Susan Flinn. Here is what Susan has to say:

".... if you ever want to give teachers my name so I can tell them how a teacher with no electronic knowledge got the scoreboard finished, I would be more than happy to sing your praises...."

"...Thanks again, students have been very excited about the board and seeing it working is brilliant..."


Taroona High School used professional sign writer stickers to create the labels. Here is an image of the work in progress:


The board can also be split in two or the dimensions can be changed to create a wide display. The boards can be mounted side by side or one on top of the other. It's completely up to you!


Here is a photo from Essendon Keilor College, VIC, to give you an idea of the size:


Click on the thumbnails below for more high resolution pictures from Mercy College (WA) and Essendon Keilor College (VIC).



As part of the program, students build their own high-tech working basketball scoreboard out of kit components. The fully functional, remotely controlled scoreboard can then be installed in any indoor basketball court.

Cross discipline subjects that can get involved with the program include:

Physical Education

Science (soldering the LED displays)

Graphic design (designing team logos to go on the board)

Woodwork (Cutting the MDF board to size)

To aid in construction, the remote controller and receiver are pre assembled and tested. Students build the 12 inch high numbers and connector cables to connect each digit to the receiver. APMP works with the school to guarantee that a perfect quality, fully functional scoreboard is completed.

Each 12 inch digit that makes up the scoreboard has 170 large 10mm high brightness 9000MCD red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs):


Each kit comes with 13 digits (as above) and 6 indicators. The 6 indicators are each made of 9 x 10mm high brightness LEDs and measure 2 inches square. These indicators show possession, and time-out (1 and 2) status for both teams:



The typical recommended layout is as follows but the beauty of this scoreboard is that you make the board yourself! So any format that suits your basketball court can be applied:

The controller and receiver are mounted behind the board. Each digit is connected with a 2m (6 foot) cable. If the controller is mounted centrally, the maximum dimensions of the board can be as much as 4m x 4m (12 foot square).

However, a more workable size for the classroom is 2 x 2m. This still makes a very large board, and  leaves plenty of space on the board for team logos and school colours, and is easier to mount to the wall.

This is one truly giant board!

Above and below: A student has mounted the LEDs on the board, and the board is ready to be soldered. This is the majority of where students work will be. There is enough soldering work to keep around 20 to 25 students occupied for around 2 standard 40 minute classes. Another three or four classes are required to paint and design the board, with a further class or two to mount the controller on the board, and mount the board on the wall.


These LEDs have a minimum life of 100 000 hours, which equates to around 10 years of trouble free use. The digits are just a little larger than an A4 sheet of paper.

The scoreboard can of course be tailored to each individual school's taste. A template is included that will produce a board that is visible over 100m away.

The fully built wireless controller is easy to use and has an inbuilt 2.4Ghz transmitter. It will work up to 150 metres away from the board.




The controller:


The controller is supplied fully built and tested. It is mounted in a sturdy metal enclosure and powered by an internal high current 17A 12V power supply producing over 200W of power directly to the digits. The power supply incorporates overload protection as well as over temperature protection, and it will work on both AU/NZ/European 220-240V power as well as 110V US power. The internal printed circuit board has onboard connectors for all scoreboard digits. All cabling is clip on, and is very easy to connect. The standby feature of the receiver automatically turns off all digits after one hour of non-use.

The receiver can be bolted directly to the back of the scoreboard. Just ensure a power outlet is close by. A separate small RF receiver is included. The RF receiver is 100% pre-built and works for over 150 metres line-of-sight. Transmission is via a robust 2.4Ghz RF link.


Kit includes all electronics to get you going. You just need to supply the MDF board and paint. Kit includes:

1. Transmitter

2. Receiver

3. Controller

4.  Digits supplied in kit form (requires soldering).

5. A total of 13 digits to show Home score (three digits), Away score (three digits), Quarter, home fouls, away fouls, and four digits for countdown timer (minutes : seconds).

6. A total of 6 indicators to show possession, home and away team time-out.

7. All instructions and a downloadable template.

8. Unlimited telephone and email support to get your board going!

9. All electronic components including high current - overload protected power supplies, a very loud siren, and all connectors and cables.

The school will need to provide the following materials:  MDF or chipboard of suitable dimensions (typically measuring 200 x 200cm), paint (in your chosen colour), bolts and hardware to mount the board on the wall.

Cost and ordering information:

Typical commercial scoreboards of this size and feature set range from around $10,000 to $25,000. But...As this board is available in kit form, and as orders are taken only twice a year, these costs are greatly reduced.

Further costs are reduced by not shipping large and bulky backboards. You supply this yourself. So for one scoreboard, we have been able to tailor the price to less than the cost of two desktop computers! All schools  also receive an instant 30 day account, so no deposit is required to secure the order. Simply fax your order through. Click below to download the order form.


The "Scoreboards for Schools" program is a bi-annual event. So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity, and FAX your order in now!


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Click here to download the fax order form




Click here for the manual and construction details

 The manual also includes links to two construction videos  which show in plain step-by-step detail how to build the basketball scoreboard. See page 2 of the manual for these links.

Total costs for one scoreboard and shipping:

To any state in Australia -  AU$2990 plus GST and AU$79 freight 


Click here to download the fax order form


OR Pay Online with your credit card now: