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About APMP
Use the below "contact" link to contact an APMP representative.

APMP is based in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

We are a small company in terms of staff, but a large company in terms of goals. We specialise in product design and development work. To date, most work performed by APMP has been in the Home Automation sector. This has now moved to the Education sector.



APMP was the first to build an interface card which allows the Hills Industries NX16 security panel to communicate with a Dynalite lighting system. To date, this has allowed many customers to realise true convenience in a seamless "smart home" design.

APMP has also designed and built interface cards for the X10 home automation communication system, as well as a number of smart telephone PABX interface cards.

Mr. Philip Pawlowski, manager of APMP, has worked in the home automation industry for 8 years, and has been working in the electronics industry since 1995.

Currently, APMP is moving towards the education sector. APMP has been successful in securing a government grant to further Science, Technology and Mathematics in Victoria's secondary schools.

APMP leads the way in product design, boasting:

Fast turnaround time: (an amazing 4 week turnaround time from concept to working product)

Competitive pricing (all CAD work is done in house. No subcontractors, no delays. All PCBs are ROHS compliant, electronically tested, and are made to the strictest quality standards.)

Personalised service from proof of concept to mass production.

APMP has designed a number of programs for Schools/Clubs and societies, such as the Open Source Cox Amplifier (OSCA), the UniBoard and has launched the Scoreboards for Schools program throughout Australia.



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